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MSIG is a leading general insurer in Asia, it has been providing general insurance solutions and products in Hong Kong for more than 150 years.

Not sure which plan is best for you?

Not sure which plan is best for you?

What is MSIG insurance good for?

MSIG offers choices for travel, home, helper, hospital cash, medical, personal accident and sports insurance.

How much is MSIG insurance?

Hong Kong has the second most expensive private healthcare sector in the world and this is reflected in health insurance premiums. In general, insurance premiums vary upon several factors, namely age, country of residency, pre-existing conditions, benefits you choose and smoking habits. Get a personalized quote now to check the price.

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At Alea, we work with 25+ renowned insurance providers, both Hong Kong-based and international, to bring you a wide range of choices. We know all insurance products by heart and tailor each proposal and recommendation to suit your needs and budget.

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Alea + MSIG = best price & service

Alea works with all major health insurance providers and has established a close relationship with MSIG, which enables us to get the best terms and advocate for your best interests when you need us. Once we have found the right plan for you, we make sure you receive the best service all year round, at no extra cost!

Get access to MSIG's high-quality insurance solutions with the unique expertise, unbiased advice and outstanding service from Alea. Tell us your needs and we will find the best solution for you.

What does an insurance broker do and 
why do I need one?

Insurance brokers help you shop around to find the right coverage for your needs and budget, explaining and negotiating your options throughout the process. In short: we save you time and money!

extra service with no extra cost

Extra service, 
with NO extra charge

As brokers, we are remunerated via a commission on the insurance premium you pay directly to the insurance provider. Your premium will be exactly the same (never cheaper!) whether you get insurance directly from the insurer or through us – plus, our comparison, market explanations on which products are best for you and year-round personalized service come free of charge, so why miss that?

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Unbiased advice around the clock

The Code of Conduct For Licensed Insurance Brokers states that our fiduciary duties are to clients. While there are some insurance providers we work with more than others, no insurer represents more than 20% of our total revenues. We work with 25+ insurance well-known providers and that allows us to provide you with the best choice, while remaining completely independent.

We don’t work for the insurance providers, we work for you.

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