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The Complete Guide to Plant-based Eating

Whether you’re a committed vegan, or simply looking to make some meat-free swaps, here’s our guide to going plant-based in Hong Kong.
Last Update:
25th April 2022
Fact Checked
Whether you’re a committed vegan, or simply looking to make some meat-free swaps, here’s our guide to going plant-based in Hong Kong.
Last Update: 25th April 2022

It is no news that vegan and vegetarian diets are the talk of the town but many still confuse them. While vegetarian diets also abstain from meat intake and primarily rely on plant-based foods, vegan diets take a step further and exclude all or most meat, offal and animal products — usually eggs and dairy products.

Vegan or vegetarian diet is a healthy dietary practice because it shifts from heavy reliance on meat and animal products to whole foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, nuts and seeds, which provide more fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for your body’s needs.

Types of vegetarian diets

Don’t be fooled by the “meat-free” title! Explore the varieties of vegetarian diet as it can be classified into 4 categories:

Ovo-vegetarian diet

A diet excluding all animal products and dairy products, with the exception of eggs. Note that eggs, duck eggs and quail eggs have similar calories, where quail eggs also have higher protein

Lacto-vegetarian diet

A diet excluding all animal products and eggs, with the exception of dairy products. Dairy products are rich in protein, in particular cheese has a higher protein content. To have better control of fat intake, you may choose low-fat or skimmed milk. High-calcium and low-sugar milk powder are also great dairy options.

Lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet

A diet excluding all animal products with the exception of eggs and dairy products. In terms of nutritional value, egg-milk vegetarians are less likely to have insufficient protein intake because both eggs and dairy products provide almost all of the essential amino acids (building blocks of protein).


It is the strictest type of vegetarian diet. As mentioned, all animal products, including eggs, dairy products, meat, and offal, cannot be eaten, same even for foods of animal origin, including bird's nest and honey.

Why you should go vegan / vegetarian in Hong Kong

Whether it is for health, belief, ethical consideration, environmental protection, detoxification, beauty or other reasons, it is beneficial to have a vegan meal once in a while to cleanse your stomach and restore mindfulness.

It is a misunderstanding that being a vegan or vegetarian in Hong Kong equates to having limited Chinese vegan food options, e.g. vegetarian dishes, tofu and vegan dumplings. It is equally wrong to think that all vegan foods are bland and unflavorful. Nowadays, there are plenty of plant-based offerings just as mouth-watering as their meat alternatives. Fill up on these veggie delights to liven up your dining experience in the city!

From frozen foods including meat substitutes like vegan beef and vegan roasted BBQ pork, to vegan dim sum, canned food and snacks, some vegan/ vegetarian grocery shops offer hundreds of vegan food products (some of which are imported from foreign countries) for you to align with the needs of different vegan diets. “Less is more” really does hold true, you will be amazed that leaning towards less meat brings you so much more.

Apparently, while veganism/ vegetarianism is gaining ground in Hong Kong, vegan foods are often only available in Western supermarkets on the Hong Kong Island side. But don’t be disappointed yet! Because in this guide, we will walk you through different local and online vegan grocery shops as well as vegan / vegetarian restaurants all over the city.

Vegan / vegetarian grocery shops / supermarkets in Hong Kong

Green Common
They have many branches around Hong Kong, i.e. Hong Kong Island (Central, Wan Chai, Admiralty), Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui, Lok Fu, Mong Kok) and New Territories (Tsuen Wan, Tuen Mun, Tsing Yi, Tai Wo, Fanling, Tseung Kwan O)

Batata Greens
They have 3 branches in Hong Kong, i.e. Hong Kong Island (North Point), Kowloon (Prince Edward) and New Territories (Kwai Chung)

Food for Life
They have 3 branches, all in Hong Kong Island (Wan Chai, Central, Wong Chuk Hang)

Hong Kong Island

Address: 16/F, Yiuga Factory Building, 62 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town (Please enter from Sai Ning Street) Tel: 2884 1299

Veggie Labo
Address: Room 503, 5/F, Cheung's Building, 1-3 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan


Yes Natural
They have 4 branches, all in Kowloon (Prince Edward, Jordan, Lai Chi Kok, Kwun Tong)

Address: G/F, 37 South Wall Road, Kowloon City Tel: 2716 1033

New Territories

Address: Shop No.1, G/F, Transport Plaza, 2-6 Fung Cheung Road, Yuen Long Tel: 2471 9575

Shop J, G/F, Delya Industrial Centre Block B, 7 Shek Pai Tau Road, Tuen Mun Tel: 3541 9768

Online vegan / vegetarian grocery shops

Spicebox Organics


Green Common

Batata Greens

Ganion Veggie

HK Vegan Shop

Soho Veggie




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Vegan / vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong

Green Common
This plant-based retail chain has many branches around Hong Kong, i.e. Hong Kong Island (Central, Wan Chai), Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Kwun Tong) and New Territories (Tsuen Wan, Tuen Mun, Tseung Kwan O)

Hong Kong Island

Address: Shop C, G/F, On Fat Building, 28-32 Davis Street, Western District Tel: 2523 9898

POP vegan
Address: 1/F, 28 Elgin Street, SOHO, Central Tel: 2628 6211

Miss Lee
Address: G/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central Tel: 2881 1811

Sweetpea Cafe
Address: G/F, 4 Shin Hing Street, Central Tel: 3689 7269

“Local Ginger” Veggie Bistro
Address: G/F, 8 King Sing Street, Wan Chai Tel: 9062 8345

Address: G/F, Altro, 118 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District Tel: 2858 3898

Address: G/F, 14 South Lane, Shek Tong Tsui, Western District Tel: 5744 8390

Ahimsa Buffet
Address: Shop B, G/F, Wah Hai Mansion, 10-16 Fort Street, North Point Tel: 2528 2368

ohms Cafe & Bar
Address: Shop A, G/F, 192 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan Tel: 5400 4236


Soil to Soul
Address: Shop 704, 7/F, Victoria Dockside K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: 2389 9588

Vego Coffee
Address: Shop 7B, G/F, Garden Mansion, 154-156 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: 2833 2838

Shop 411, 4/F, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: 9527 2033

Address: Shop B201-C02, B2/F, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: 4624 2630

Address: Shop C, G/F, 124-128 Portland Street, Mong Kok Tel: 2781 2987

My Meat Run Buddy
Address: G/F, 28-30 Pok Man Street, Tai Kok Tsui Tel: 2388 6280

Address: Shop 1, G/F, Fuk Lung Building, 191-199 Fuk Wah Street, Sham Shui Po Tel: 6338 3719

The Park by Years
Address: G/F, 132 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po Tel: 5336 4000

NIZEN Address: Shop UG18, UG/F, Kowloon City Plaza, 128 Carpenter Road, Kowloon City Tel: 3613 0133

Chi Lin Vegetarian
Address: Long Men Lou, Nan Lian Garden, 60 Fung Tak Road, Diamond Hill Tel: 3658 9388

Veggie Smart
Address: Shop 13, 17/F, Laurels Industrial Centre, 32 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong Tel: 2641 4488

Sujata Cafe
Address: Shop 907, 9/F, Wah Shing Centre, 11-13 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong Tel: 2760 8003

Address: Shop 57, G/F, Legend Tower, E Plaza, 7 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong Tel: 5539 4088

New Territories

Address: G/F, 5 Sha Tsui Path, Sai Kung Tel: 3488 0536

Address: Shop EF11, Food Lane, G/F, TKO Gateway, 2 Sheung Ning Road, Tseung Kwan O

Leisurely Veggie
Address: Shop G08-11, G/F, Citywalk 2, 18 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan Tel: 2535 1808

Address: Shop 15, 25 Shiu Wo Street, Brighton Place, Tsuen Wan Tel: 3486 4428

Friends of Years
Address: G/F, 20 Sam Pei Square, Tsuen Wan Tel: 5296 9864

Green Entrance
Address: Shop 237, 2/F, Kings Wing Plaza 1, 3 On Kwan Street, Shek Mun, Sha Tin Tel: 3590 3570

V.W Vegan Cafe
Address: Shop 227F-06, 2/F, Plover Cove Garden Arcade, 3 Plover Cove Road, Tai Po Tel: 5466 9854

Cong Sao Veggie Express
Address: Shop 227F-06, 2/F, Plover Cove Garden Arcade, 3 Plover Cove Road, Tai Po Tel: 2668 6778

There’s plenty on the offer to keep you satisfied. Whether you decide to become a vegan/ vegetarian or not, hopefully this list will be handy as you try and discover the benefits of healthy, conscious vegan/vegetarian-friendly spots in Hong Kong.

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