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Skiing and Medical Insurance: What Every Adventurous Spirit Should Know

If you plan to go skiing, this short read can really help!
Last update:
18th April 2023
Reviewed by a licensed advisor
does health insurance cover skiing injuries?
does health insurance cover skiing injuries?
If you plan to go skiing, this short read can really help!
Last update: 18th April 2023

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Winter holidays are coming and for some of us, this may mean skiing or snowboarding. But before enjoying the mountain views and going down the slopes, it is important to know whether accidents or injuries are covered by your health insurance plan.

In general, high-risk activities and extreme sports are excluded from standard medical insurance plans and you may need to purchase sport-specific insurance.

Are skiing-related injuries covered by all insurers? We at Alea have reviewed your options. Word of caution: Wear a helmet and keep your insurance card in your snow jacket!

Sports-specific insurance conditions & exclusions

Insurance ProvidersSports-specific Conditions & Exclusions
Aetna Pioneer14.14 Professional sports and hazardous activities: Off-piste winter sports

14.23 Medical evacuation and local ambulance: Air-sea rescue, or any mountain rescue unless it’s for a medical condition you suffer at a recognized ski resort or similar winter sports resort.
April My HealthProfessional athletes or students on a sports-study course, including ballet, dance and circus schools, are covered under this plan only in a private capacity. The costs and consequences of the following are also excluded from all cover: dangerous sports such as the following sports when practiced off-piste: skiing, cross-country skiing, sledging and snowboarding**
Cigna EliteProfessional sports or hazardous activities such as winter sports.
The following exclusions items are applicable to accidental death benefit only: (m) The Person Insured participating in or conducting training for any of the following activities: ... (v) winter-sports
Generali ChoiceHazardous activities: any sport involving animals, speed competition, skiing off-piste (unless in a recognized and authorized).
Now Health Worldcare19. Evacuation and Repatriation: Costs of Evacuation do not extend to include any air-sea rescue or mountain rescue costs that are not incurred at recognized ski resorts or similar winter sports resorts.

5.21 Hazardous sports and pursuits: skiing off-piste or any other winter sports activity carried out off-piste.

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