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Last update: 25th August 2022

Best insurers for expat health insurance

Whether you are relocating for a job, for retirement or as a lifestyle choice, you are not alone if you find the healthcare options confusing in this expensive city of Hong Kong. Not fancy reading papers and going through numbers? Why not talk to someone who truly knows the system, inside out — yes, that's Alea!

For starters, let us quickly walk you through some of the best expat medical insurance plans in town.

InsurerInsurance planPrice range
HennerCARE & HEALTH$$$

*In alphabetical order. This list is compiled based on our research and doesn’t aim to be exhaustive.

Accommodation, check. Bank account, check. Visa, check. Flight, check. Local transportation, check. Hold on, have you checked your health insurance yet?

Do you know if your medical insurance covers you overseas? Or will a new plan work better for you?

Healthcare in Hong Kong is world-class, both public and private sectors are equipped with cutting-edge medical technology operated by highly trained medical staff who speak good English. So what's the catch? Hong Kong also has some of the world’s highest healthcare costs, in fact the 2nd highest in the world after the US. That explains why medical insurance is essential, especially if you are moving with a young family, or are a retiree dealing with an existing condition.

Our experts at Alea know all insurance products by heart and are here to recommend some top insurers for expat health insurance with the best costs, coverage, customer experience, claim process and additional features.

Scroll on for our analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each insurer!

april asia insurance

April HK

Price: $$$

April Hong Kong MyHealth stands out as a great choice for those who seek flexibility within a decent budget.

  • Flexible benefits for mixing and matching
  • Competitve pricing
  • Deductible applicable to inpatient only
  • Strict underwriting
  • High loadings for pre-existing conditions
Bupa insurance

Bupa Global

Price: $$$

Bupa Global's Global Health Plans are suited for expatriates who seek high-quality health cover plus reputable customer care.

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Portable (allow switching to a different provider while keeping the same benefits)
  • Large service network
  • Expensive
  • Fixed plans with built-in benefits
cigna insurance

Cigna Asia

Price: $$$

Health First Elite from Cigna Asia is a great match for those seeking flexible cover even for pre-existing conditions and future relocations to a different location.

  • Deductible applicable to inpatient only
  • Asia area of cover as an option
  • Flexible cover for pre-existing conditions
  • Portable if you relocate and change area of cover
  • Servicing can be slow
  • More admin for claims


Price: $$$

Henner offers comprehensive international health cover with good deductible discounts, though it is not the most affordable option.

  • Good deductible discounts
  • Deductible applicable to inpatient only
  • Highest overall annual limit
  • Portable (allow switching to a different provider while keeping the same benefits)
  • Expensive

Morgan Price

Price: $$$

This budget-friendly option from Morgan Price covers you abroad with practical benefits.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Portable globally
  • Built in all in one plan
  • Exclusions only for pre-existing conditions

How do we select these insurers?

We have closely worked with our 25+ insurance partners for many years and we know their products inside out. As an independent insurance broker, we choose to work with insurers with an excellent track record and sell only products that we believe in, tried and tested. The above recommendations are made by our board of licensed insurance advisors based on criteria including the costs, coverage, customer experience, claim process and additional features of each insurer. In short, we are not paid to make these recommendations.

Insurance partners
sun life insuranceaxa insurancechubb insurancefwd insurance

The bottom line

Let’s be frank, there is no “best” insurer or “one-size-fits-all” insurance plan. Every product has its own strengths & weaknesses and it is important that you have them in mind before signing a policy, which certainly takes a lot of browsing, reading and comparing. But with Alea, rest assured that you will get peace of mind as we simplify everything for you.

We tailor each recommendation to suit your specific needs and budget and provide unbiased advice on a case-by-case basis so you can find the best fit for your situation. Even better, our advisory service comes free of charge – since we are remunerated via a commission on the insurance premium you pay directly to the insurance provider!

Get in touch with an advisor today for a detailed comparison of your insurance options!

Which expat health insurance is best in Hong Kong?

Our picks of insurers for medical insurance are:

  • April HK
  • Bupa Global
  • Cigna Asia
  • Henner
  • Morgan Price

Do I need expat health insurance in Hong Kong?

This has a lot to do with whether you are using healthcare services in the public or the private sector, of which costs can vary greatly. In essence, if you want to rely on private healthcare and avoid the often long waiting time at public hospitals, you are advised to get a medical insurance plan that can cover the high costs of treatment in private hospitals and doctors. Medical insurance can also cover you for specific health needs like eye examinations, dental scalings or body checkups.

The best time to get health insurance is when you are still young and healthy, free from any pre-existing conditions that may be excluded by insurers.

How much is expat medical insurance in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has the second most expensive private healthcare sector in the world and this is reflected in health insurance premiums. In general, insurance premiums vary on several factors, namely age, country of residency, pre-existing conditions, benefits you choose and smoking habits. Get a personalized quote now to check the price.